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HUAWEI Outdoor Macro Base Station BTS3900AL

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    huawe bts3900AL Cabinet:apm30+rfc+tmc+bbc
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    A high-power and compact GSM-R outdoor macro base station that supports evolution to eLTE.
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    Brand New Sealed
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A high-power and compact GSM-R outdoor macro base station that supports evolution to eLTE.

  This outdoor macro base station supports both GSM-R and LTE — the ideal solution for railways that want to prepare for evolution to an LTE broadband network. One of the most compact outdoor macro base stations in the industry, the BTS3900A features a large, scalable capacity and multi-mode applications that meet the requirements of long-distance railways.

The base station cabinet contains as many as six RF modules. These multicarrier modules support both Huawei’s GSM-R 5.0 and the company’s enterprise LTE (eLTE). Use of this multi-radio base station (and similar indoor base stations) maximizes versatility while minimizing site deployment costs.
BTS 3900-2G-RFU
DRFU   M1800       02315743(GMKM1DRFU)
DRFU  M900         02315692(GMSMBDRFU)
DRFU  M900B        02316913(GM5M4DRFU)
GRFU  1800A        02318546(WD5MGRFU73A)
GRFU  1800D        02310CRV(WD5MGFUA83A)
GRFU  900C         02310CRT(WD5MGFUA88C)
MRFU 1800A         02316393(WD5MMRFU83A)
MRFU 1800D         02310CRU(WD5MJFUA83A)
MRFU 900C          02310CRC(WD5MJFUA88C)
MRFUe  1800A       02310EJA(WD5MJFUAD3A)
MRFUe  900C        02310CEX(WD5MJFUADBC)
BTS 3900A
APM30H             02113188
BTS 3900A Cabinet  02113218
DCDU               02120553
EPM                02317275
EPS01A             02400463
EPW30-48A          02130608
FAN                02120480
RFC                02113190
SFPCABLE 1.5M 1020  04050097
SFPCABLE 2M 1034    0450098
BTS 3900-Cabinet
3900-Cabinet       021131716
DCDU-01            021021205539(WD2E2DCDU)
DCDU-03B           021021204729(WD2E3DCDU)
DCDU-03C           02120479(WD2E3DCDUC)
DCDU-12B           02120731(TD1MDCDC12B0)
FAN                02120548(WD2E1FMUB)
BBU 3900-3G-C-CARD
CMPT                 020MRN7A(WD22CMPT01)
HCPM                 020FXD9R(QCU1HCPMA)
HECM                 020GBA4M(QCU1HECMA)
BBU 3900-3G-C-RFU
CRFU   800           02316176(WD2MCRFU80A)
CRFUd  2100          02310RHA(WD5MAFUBC106)
WMPTc                020UW10C (WD22DMPT2)
UBBPc                020VRWWO (TD11UBBPC)
DBS 3900-3G-TD-RRU
DRRU3151e-fae        02310FDN(WD5MORUC6XC)
BBU 3900-3G-W-CARD
UMPTb1            03054885(WD2DUMPTB101)
WBBPb1            03020KXC(QWL1WBBPB1)
WBBPb3            03020KWP(QWL1WBBPB3)
WBBPb4            020JVJ4M(WL2WBBPB4)
WBBPd2            03020QYR(QWL1WBBPD2)
WBBPd3            03020XCU(QWL1WBBPD3)
WBBPf3            021VHD6T(QWMDWBBPF301)
WMPT              020JQE10(WD22WMPT)
UMPTb2            03054886(WD2D0UMPTB02)
BTS 3900-3G-W-RFU
WRFU 2100         02315804(WD2MWRFU81)



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